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Project Description

Alzheimer Cafés provides support to older people with dementia and their carers and family members.

Alzheimer Cafés Reaching Out

People living alone with dementia are likely to behave differently and tend to isolate themselves in the early stages when they are aware of their difficulties. Older people with dementia are potentially hard to reach in the community because people feel unsure of how to approach them. However, when people know how, they are more comfortable communicating with people with dementia. A series of ‘pop-up cafes’ in isolated rural areas take our Alzheimer Café existing work into the community and provide information in an informal setting.

ACE’7 Café

The ACE’7 Café is a new café that is designed specifically for people with a diagnosis of early-onset dementia. This new Café will be open once a fortnight from 10.30am until 12.30pm, staffed by a project manager and volunteers. Members of the group will design the content of the café and its afternoon activities. The project will draw attention to the fact that current services for people with dementia are focussed on older people over 65 years of age and that a very different approach may be needed for younger people who are more likely to:

  • be in work at the time of diagnosis
  • have a partner who still works
  • have dependent children
  • have ageing parents who they need to care for
  • be more physically fit and active
  • have heavy financial commitments, such as a mortgage
  • have a rarer form of dementia


Educate – Engage – Enable

Alzheimer Cafes will educate people about dementia to give a better understanding of the disease.

Alzheimer Cafes currently work with a large number of agencies including staff from the local authority, health and social care, fire and rescue services and the police to strengthen awareness of the issues surrounding people with dementia in the community, who often live alone. This work will continue as part of Age Friendly Island.